Personal website of Siddharth Sharma, technologist and writer.

Hello, I’m Siddharth Sharma (svs). I’m a technologist who specialises in organisational design and psychology.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn


I write a newsletter on engineering management at The engineering org

A few years ago I had an epiphany. I vibe about my world view after the epiphany on a more personal blog ~> Now. Here. This..

And if you must know about my formative years then there’s an oooold blog here


I talk. A lot. You can see some of my talks on the talks page. Here’s the latest

what am I doing now?

I’m on sabbatical!

Sabbaticals are a powerful career life management hack. I’m on my third sabbatical and am writing a book on it.

My sankalpa?

I want to move people with words. The elegance of type against paper, the sheer minimalism of it, the leverage it gets from the imagination, the power to mix emotions in the reader, like cooking! I want my words to do this, to change lives.