Personal website of Siddharth Sharma, technologist and writer.

Hello, I’m Siddharth Sharma (svs). I’m a technologist who specialises in organisational design and psychology. Currently I express this through my recruiting company and my engineering management newsletter

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. And I run a nerd-focussed Discord Community. Ping me for an invite.


While I’m an engineering manager now I haven’t always been. I have an MBA from IIM Bangalore and started my career as an investment banker. It was a little later that I found my way back to my first love - programming and startups. I’m a 2x founder with 0x exits and my claim to fame is that I used to be CTO of You can get more details at my LinkedIn

Now I am doubling down on my unique skill of being one of the few nerds who absolutely loves the people side of the business.


I write a newsletter on engineering management at The engineering org

I am also one of the world’s leading experts on the art of the sabbatical – leveraging the power of time off to build the career of your dreams – and I am writing a book about it. You can read the published chapters here:

A few years ago I had an epiphany. I vibe about my world view after the epiphany on a more personal blog ~> Now. Here. This..

And if you must know about my formative years then there’s an oooold blog here


I talk. A lot. You can see some of my talks on the talks page. Here’s the latest

what am I doing now?

I finished my sabbatical and I started a recruiting company. You can say I found my Ikigai.

I'm on sabbatical!- Sabbaticals are a powerful ~~career~~ life management hack. I'm on my third sabbatical and [am writing a book on it](

My sankalpa?

I want to build healthy, nourished, well-adjusted organisations for the benefit of all sentient beings.