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Some weeks ago I commenced a sabbatical. After 12 odd years running high stress tech teams, I needed a break and so I took one. And one of the few things I've managed to do that look like work is writing a journal and the first draft of my Sabbatical Handbook, but I've never considered myself a writer.

A few days ago I went to see a doctor about this back spasm that's been troubling me, and when she asked me what my occupation is I answered without thinking – I am a writer. And it just sounded right.

This site is where I practice my craft. What will I write about? I'm not really sure and I'm not really sure it matters. As they say, 'tis not the tale but the telling.

I've had a bit of a weird career – I started off in banking, in what I refer to now as my years in the wilderness and found my way to tech through a circuitous route via a few long sabbaticals and some pretty sophomoric attempts at entrepreneurship. Over the last few years my job has been to run teams of product engineers and build software – what they call engineering management – and I write about that at my other blog The Engineering Organisation. So this blog is for everything else.

It was part of my job to help people achieve their full potential and to teach them some of the techniques that I've learned over my career. Things like how to get paid to do the things you love to do, how to manage a career, what are sabbaticals for and generally to tell stories that illuminate and inspire. I also appear to have a talent for sense-making – explaining the world to people who haven't spent much time wondering why things are the way they are. in other words, I know just enough philosophy to get you in trouble.

Much of the writing here will not be very good or very organised but it will be authentic. This publication is how I find my voice and where I experiment with content that will be useful at best and a pleasurable waste of time at worst. I'm going to have fun with this and I hope you do too.

Stay tuned for more.

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